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  • HST on Assignments (03/04/2015 17:36:37)
    HST on assignments are the latest debate.  What is taxed?  The Profit? The deposits?  Does the Assignor pay this as income or capital gains?  Ask your accountant for more details but one thing is for sure.  Until Assignments are  defined … Continue reading
  • Assignor and Assignee (03/04/2015 17:30:30)
    The difference between Assignor and Assignee
  • True Condos Comments on Garth Turner Review (03/04/2015 17:23:11)
    1. Garth Says: Pre-Construction Condos Are Being Bought with 5% Deposits >>The truth is you need at least 15% – 20% deposits. Non-resident buyers have to put up a minimum of 25% as a deposit. And this is just the … Continue reading
  • What is (03/04/2015 17:18:45)
    Once your ad is placed, you have exposure to a target market of investors whom are searching for comparable pricing and trying to get the best deal. Questions? Our site offers FAQ’s for all users in an easy to read … Continue reading
  • Assignment Listing Service (03/03/2015 19:38:46)
    Assignment Listing Service is a Corporation owned and operated by Though many have tried to copy our services we would like this posting to indicate to all that we are not affiliated with the new website and make no … Continue reading
  • New Posting (03/03/2015 19:30:54)
    New Posting on Ice 2
  • HST New Housing Rebate in Ontario (02/20/2015 23:24:00)
      The Ontario HST rebate for new homes is available to anyone in the province who purchases a new home or condo from a builder, or who hires a builder to construct a new house. When purchasing a new home or condo … Continue reading